RÅTTÜ MORTÖ is a sonorous disaster: it's members don't know how to play any kind of music instrument. The "musics" have very short lenght, and sounds like a scum flood. RÅTTÜ MORTÖ is a nerve-wrecking noise, decomposed by sociopathic guturals, psychopathic shouts primate and expectorate, that reflect the lack of feelings of it's members.

The hord is formed by Butt-Head (hammer, compressing machine, grunts), RHATTO (mandrill, guturals), CABELO (macumba), RoadRunner (hackle, oil engine and chainsaw) and Tossico (blast furnace). The band founders usually kicks trash, go to the sewers and explore the dunghills. They're considered by the civilians as demented vagabonds, schizo-paranoiac: they're the creators of the anti-music-style SEWERCORE -- a chaotic scum mass played with "instruments" collected at the trash depots.

On the picture, Butt-Head waves to tourists.
RoadRunner sabotages a luxurious hotel.

CABELO has good kinetic perception, being able to identify the movements he has done or does. RoadRunner distinguishes sounds of human voices, musical instruments and animals. RHATTO is able to realize, by the tactus, different surfaces of the objects. BUTT-HEAD has good smell and palate, recognizing good and bad smells and tastes. Tossico is learning to write. With all these skills the schizoids easily makes demolitions and excavations.

Nobody knows how to explain the intentions of these four elements. Scientists believe that the band was inspired by machinery noise, screams, snarled of dogs, handsaws, turbines and concrete mixers.

After years of intense phonoaudiologic treatment, the band members could finally express some incomprehensive words, transcribed below:

"Confined at sewers, isolated at dunghills, we resist. Resist to show people the real face of fascism camuflated on mass-media and on fake moralism."